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Michael J. Fox community's Journal

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  2007.10.05  13.34
I need to vent....

There is this user at the Philosophy and Religion boards at IMDB who claims to be a devoted Christian, but he sure doesn't act very Christlike in his behaviour. He's made too many extremely offensive posts to mention them all, but here is one in particular that especially upsets me:

QUOTE (Magnificent_JEC)
mike fox is as fake as the rest of the hollywood satanists that he hangs with. he does charity to make himself look good and he is worried about death right now. i work to help people everyday without any publicity or hoopla. mike is not a Christian from what i know of him. he has never said so. go shake somewhere else you big baby.

Okay, I'm going to refute each of these statement one by one - since I told Anakin McFly, who also posts there, that I wouldn't respond to this jerk's posts from now on:

mike fox is as fake as the rest of the hollywood satanists that he hangs with.

No, I don't think so! He did smoke, drink, and party a lot during the '80s - but he was always a very nice, caring, and compassionate person. It's totally unfair to tar everyone in the Hollywood industry with a broad brush. Not all celebrities are like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan (who actually used to be a decent person in her early days), or Paris Hilton. He never acted like a pompous jerk.

he does charity to make himself look good and he is worried about death right now.

How the hell do you know his motivations are? He's been into charity work long before he's even had Parkinson's disease, and he truly does care about other people. Of course he's worried about death right now! You would be, too, if you were in his situation. You say that like it's some sort of a crime, sheesh!

i work to help people everyday without any publicity or hoopla.

Maybe so, but it's certainly not stopping you for acting so pompous and arrogant towards other people. People who help others out of the goodness of their heart don't act arrogant about it.

mike is not a Christian from what i know of him. he has never said so.

Okay, I don't know if he is or not - even though I do know he believes in God. As far as I'm concerned, though, that's completely irrelevent. I know a lot of people who are not Christians who truly are caring people who wish to make a difference in the world. Thank goodness you are not representative of what most Christians are like, because your attitude only serves to turn others away from that belief!

go shake somewhere else you big baby.

Oh, yes, that's a mighty compassionate Christian attitude to have. Jesus apparently told us to go out and make fun of other people with disabilities who disagee with us. I guess I must've somehow missed that part in that Bible.


  2007.07.18  10.06
Michael J Fox: The Epitome of Peace and Harmony?

You really have got to have a lot of great respect for this man. Was anybody else besides me a little disturbed, though, about the fight that he had with his siblings shortly after his father's death? Michael must've really been under stress at that point, because he's usually not like that. He's the type of person who usually tries to maintain peace and harmony in his relationships. Michael J Fox always was a very kind, caring, and compassionate person - but he did, unfortunately, have a problem with alcohol. I liked reading how he would spend time with the sick children and their families in the hospital. I don't think he was usually drunk, when he was on the set.

I admit that thinking about the alcohol aspect of his life is not a very pleasent subject for me - but he did do remarkably well, considering all this other junk that other celebs can get into. In act, I'd my understanding that Michael even helped to campaign against drug use during the '80s. Michael never was a pretentious person, and I think he has always tried to maintain harmony in his relationships with other people. That incident with his siblings was just one of the very few instances when his relationship with other people was a little less-than-harmonious. I wonder how long it took for the tears to come.

Anyway, what are your thought?


  2007.07.17  21.16
Does anyone know when this picture was taken?

I always figured this picture was taken sometime in 1985, because he has the same hairstyle as that of Marty in this picture. However, I saw a picture of him wearing that same top in a photo for High School USA - but his hairstyle in that picture looked a little more fluffy. BTW, when my mother sees that picture, she thinks it looks like a pajama top that he's wearing.


  2007.07.10  13.23
The World Peace Report For Michael J Fox

Check this out! This is interesting! :)


  2007.06.17  03.49
Michael J Fox ~ Kind To A Fault?

I was thinking about this recent Paris Hilton debacle we keep hearing so much about - and then I got to thinking about how Michael J Fox responded to the whole Rush Limbaugh debacle of last year. So this kind of leads to the question of, what would Michael J Fox think of people like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears? I don't think he would be especially fond of these individuals - but I don't think he would hate on them or bash them, either. I think the only person he ever really felt hatred towards was the doctor who told him that he had Parkinson's disease, and you can hardly expect one to think rationally under such circumstances. He never once, in any of his speeches, bashed Rush Limbaugh - even though Rush Limbaugh did make a personal attack on Michael's character. As for people like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears (or even the Backstreet Boys, who have never been accused of criminal activity that I'm aware of), it's not like these people have created any personal offence against Michael J Fox - at least not that I'm aware of. Michael seems to be a firm believer of loving your neighbours as yourselves, and forgiving your enemies.

Anyway, what are your thought? I just can't see Michael J Fox ever hating on anyone.


  2007.06.12  07.45
Okay, Rant Time!!

I was just over at YouTube, reading the comments regarding Michael J Fox's videos supporting Claire McCaskill. I don't know why I even bother going there anymore, as some of the comments there really piss me off

Like, take this comment, for instance:

Hope you're proud of yourself, Michael. Because of your selfish pursuits, you helped promote abortion on demand and the further decline of our society. But that doesn't matter to you, does it? Another selfish, greedy Hollywood liberal....

Now, Michael J Fox is one of the sweetest and kindest people around - so this comment greatly pissed me off! Long before he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, he has spent time doing charity work - and it's been even mentioned in a 1985 magazine article, shortly after filming Back to the Future. If you disagree with MJF's stance on embryonic stem stell research, that's fine! You have a right to your own beliefs. However, this doesn't mean that you should bash MJF for having his beliefs and opinions! Just leave MJF alone!

Now onto another rant about something that probably pisses me off even more! What the hell difference does it make if MJF is a Canadian or an American? What is most important is that he is a HUMAN BEING!! Yeah, out of curiosity, whenever I stumble across those type of comments - I click on the profile to see what country the commentor is from. It turns out that it's usually Canadians and Americans alike who feel this incessent need to make such a big issue about MJF's nationality. My question is, why? What difference does it make? Does it change the basic needs of MJF? NO!! Does it change his capability for having emotions and desires? NO!! Does it change his worth as a human being? NO!! So why don't we all just accept MJF as a HUMAN BEING, and not make suck a big fricking deal over what nationality he is? Mmmkay?

Anyway, I just get to get this off my chest! Michael J Fox rules!!

Crossposted with mjf and bttf4444.


  2007.06.06  22.05
Michael J Fox, Alex P Keaton, and Marty McFly

In 1985, Michael J Fox, Alex P Keaton, and Marty McFly all looked identical. They were three different ages, though. Marty was 17, Alex was 20, and Michael was 24. Perhaps, to confuse things even more, BTTF1 was filmed during the spring of 1985 - but the events of that movie take place during the fall of 1985. Of course, the sequels were filmed in 1989 and 1990 - and, in those movies, Michael was considerably older. However, in my BTTF Universe, I imagine Marty to look the way that he did in the first movie.

Anyway, here are a few things to ponder:

1. When Family Ties made its premiere in 1982, Alex P Keaton was 17 years old. Do you think Marty McFly at 14 looked the same way - or do you think he looked somewhat younger?

2. When Michael J Fox filmed that McDonald's advert in 1980 (that video might be at YouTube), he looked very young - but he still looked a bit older than 12, which is how old Marty McFly would've been in that year. Do you think Alex P Keaton looked like that at 15 years old?

3. At what year do you suppose Michael J Fox, Alex P Keaton, and Marty McFly all looked identical? Do you think the three of them looked identical since? Granted, I think Michael J Fox will look better in 2015 than 2015 Marty McFly did in BTTF2. However, that could easily be chalked up to the fact that Marty spent the last 30 years being miserable - so he maybe wasn't in the best condition. I think, in the improved timeline, Marty would look more like MJF will in 2015.

Anyway, what are your thoughts? I realize that Alex P Keaton and Marty McFly are fictional characters, and some may think that I overanalyze about that sort of stuff  - but, as a fanfic writer, I find it to be an interesting subject to consider.

Crossposted to _familyties, bttf, and mjf.


  2006.12.28  19.04
23% of respondents chose MJF as Best Celebrity Role Model

"BEST CELEBRITY ROLE MODEL:When asked to pick from a short list of nominees, 29 percent of respondents to the AP-AOL News poll chose Oprah Winfrey as best celebrity role model of the year, more than any other celebrity on the list. Michael J. Fox was chosen by 23 percent, George Clooney by 12 percent , and Angelina Jolie was chosen by 8 percent.Women, 36 percent, especially non-college educated women, 49 percent, were more likely than men, 21 percent, to choose Winfrey. In general, Winfrey was more popular with minorities, 40 percent, than with whites, 24 percent. While Fox was favored by young whites under 45 years old, at 34 percent, older whites favored Winfrey, at 28 percent."



  2006.08.24  18.04

Like i promised to curlybeach, here are pictures of things you can buy (and I have) on ebay!
although these things are not exactly just MJF.. i figure BTTF+MJF=LOVE.. soooooo


  2006.08.20  14.22
Lucky Man

Oh. My. Goodness.
I've just got back from two weeks in Greece, during which time I read 'Lucky Man'. What an INCREDIBLE book; it made me cry and laugh almost simultaneously! It seriously is one of the most interesting, gut-wrenching, well-written and inspiring books I've ever read. 

Anybody on here read it too, and has any comments to share? I've not met anybody else whose read it and I'd love to chat a bit about it!

Cheers, Han x


  2006.01.05  23.42

So I watched 'Interstate 60' last night...........

was good but they killed MJF in the first 5 minutes and he had a rather rude character. I did notice he was a little older than most of his films so assume maybe it was during his early onset of parkinsons and had that character because he was flailing and constantly moving. Maybe....I could be wrong and probably am. HA. wouldn't be the first time.

good movie, but rather depressing to see MJF die in such a state!!! AGH!

everyone needs to post more... or rather...start again... ha
ready.............. GO!   =)


  2005.11.06  17.23
Nifty Fox interviews online!

A friend of mine tipped me off on this a couple weeks ago. I thought you all might be equally interested:

Archive of American Television Interview with Michael J. Fox

The interviews come to two and a half hours (!) (broken into 30 min segments) so I've only watched a few of them so far. Very cool information, as Fox gives great details about his career and all.

(X-posted in bttf and _fox)

Mood: sick

  2005.11.03  16.49

Once again...I rocked out this Halloweenie...

i rock


  2005.08.10  16.11

MJF is one of my most favorite actors and I am glad to be a part of this community.


  2005.07.13  22.19
Same as posted on '_fox'


I'm gonna help someday. Not just because it affects MJF but because people are too closed minded for their own good. I do not mean to insult anyone and apologize if I have/do... its just...if you don't agree with something.. dont' do it... But if something is for the greater good of MILLIONS of people... leave it be...

I do sincerely apologize to anyone that this offends. I do not mean it as a bash anyone for their personal beliefs and morals. Just expressing my opinion. Feel free to tell me I'm being an ass if you feel the need.

Mood: determined

  2005.06.25  11.23


Im a newbie looking for a home!

Im a huge fan of Michael's and i'd really like to chat to some fellow fans.
Please stop by my journal and i'd be really grateful for anyone that could add me to their friends list etc as at the moment all this livejournal malarkey is pretty new to me!


  2005.06.09  16.19

Happy Birthday Michael!!


  2005.03.06  15.21

For those who have not seen the movie 'Greedy' do. Wonderful movie. Just watch it yesterday. I had never heard of it and caught it on TV the other day, recorded and watched it. MUST SEE!!!


  2005.01.08  12.13

I've created a Michael J. Fox mood theme that I'm sharing with you all.

( Follow the fake LJ cut... )

{x-posted to _fox, _familyties, bttf)


  2004.10.17  22.02
Colourbar, woo!

I am a colourbar addict. Just couldn't resist. =P

Michael J is a Fox love

CODE: Change [] to <>
[center][img src="http://pictures.greatestjournal.com/userimg/2250632/549194"][br][a href="http://www.livejournal.com/~chiaki_baggins"]Michael J is a Fox love[/a][/center]



  2004.09.16  23.03
A Fanvideo


I created a small homage to "The Secret Of My Success", an all-time-fav for me, since I´m a huge 80´s fan as well.
You can download my video by visiting my video-collective here. There´s a section called "Miscellaneous Movies". The title is also listed at the main page as "Newest video". Or use the direct link here to get to the video download.

I really hope you enjoy it. Would be nice if you´d leave some feedback


  2004.04.20  20.02
BTTF etc


usually a lurker, peeking out for once. ;-)
Still a huge BTTF-Fan (especially Part I and II) i made some tiny icons, find them all here.

Also, i wanna ask into the round: What´s your fave BTTF-part?
And - which movie did you think as the most lousy one of Mike? ;-)

I recently saw "Light of Day" and so far i think of this one as pretty bad. (My apologies to fans of the film) Missed his energy and fun to play, like in "The Secret of my success", for example.


  2004.03.28  00.20

Hey, all. I just joined, woohoo. I wanted to post this:


...an icon that I made today. Wanted to share it, so I have. If you don't know (and you should, considering this is a Michael J. Fox community), it's from The Frighteners. Good movie.

Like? Hate? Do tell.


  2004.02.18  02.21
Hey all...

I joined a while ago, however this is my first post here. I'm suprised this place isn't more crowded. How could the world of livejournal not be in love with everyone's old 80's "boy-next-door-heart-throb?"

I'm a fan of his looks, his acting style, and most of his 80's work, primarily the BTTF-trilogy.

I'm up for some BTTF trivia if anyone else is. :)

Here are some icons bases, and one animated.


the restCollapse )


  2004.02.15  11.18
Conan O'Brien

I joined this community recently and I am (obviously) a MJF fan. I just wanted to say that MJF was on Late Night with Conan O'Brien (who I am also a very huge fan of... just look at my icon) when he was doing a week of shows in Toronto, Canada. He was really funny and really awesome. Did anyone else catch that interview?

Mood: bored

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