Marty McFly Fan (bttf4444) wrote in mjf,
Marty McFly Fan

Michael J Fox: The Epitome of Peace and Harmony?

You really have got to have a lot of great respect for this man. Was anybody else besides me a little disturbed, though, about the fight that he had with his siblings shortly after his father's death? Michael must've really been under stress at that point, because he's usually not like that. He's the type of person who usually tries to maintain peace and harmony in his relationships. Michael J Fox always was a very kind, caring, and compassionate person - but he did, unfortunately, have a problem with alcohol. I liked reading how he would spend time with the sick children and their families in the hospital. I don't think he was usually drunk, when he was on the set.

I admit that thinking about the alcohol aspect of his life is not a very pleasent subject for me - but he did do remarkably well, considering all this other junk that other celebs can get into. In act, I'd my understanding that Michael even helped to campaign against drug use during the '80s. Michael never was a pretentious person, and I think he has always tried to maintain harmony in his relationships with other people. That incident with his siblings was just one of the very few instances when his relationship with other people was a little less-than-harmonious. I wonder how long it took for the tears to come.

Anyway, what are your thought?
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