Marty McFly Fan (bttf4444) wrote in mjf,
Marty McFly Fan

I need to vent....

There is this user at the Philosophy and Religion boards at IMDB who claims to be a devoted Christian, but he sure doesn't act very Christlike in his behaviour. He's made too many extremely offensive posts to mention them all, but here is one in particular that especially upsets me:

QUOTE (Magnificent_JEC)
mike fox is as fake as the rest of the hollywood satanists that he hangs with. he does charity to make himself look good and he is worried about death right now. i work to help people everyday without any publicity or hoopla. mike is not a Christian from what i know of him. he has never said so. go shake somewhere else you big baby.

Okay, I'm going to refute each of these statement one by one - since I told Anakin McFly, who also posts there, that I wouldn't respond to this jerk's posts from now on:

mike fox is as fake as the rest of the hollywood satanists that he hangs with.

No, I don't think so! He did smoke, drink, and party a lot during the '80s - but he was always a very nice, caring, and compassionate person. It's totally unfair to tar everyone in the Hollywood industry with a broad brush. Not all celebrities are like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan (who actually used to be a decent person in her early days), or Paris Hilton. He never acted like a pompous jerk.

he does charity to make himself look good and he is worried about death right now.

How the hell do you know his motivations are? He's been into charity work long before he's even had Parkinson's disease, and he truly does care about other people. Of course he's worried about death right now! You would be, too, if you were in his situation. You say that like it's some sort of a crime, sheesh!

i work to help people everyday without any publicity or hoopla.

Maybe so, but it's certainly not stopping you for acting so pompous and arrogant towards other people. People who help others out of the goodness of their heart don't act arrogant about it.

mike is not a Christian from what i know of him. he has never said so.

Okay, I don't know if he is or not - even though I do know he believes in God. As far as I'm concerned, though, that's completely irrelevent. I know a lot of people who are not Christians who truly are caring people who wish to make a difference in the world. Thank goodness you are not representative of what most Christians are like, because your attitude only serves to turn others away from that belief!

go shake somewhere else you big baby.

Oh, yes, that's a mighty compassionate Christian attitude to have. Jesus apparently told us to go out and make fun of other people with disabilities who disagee with us. I guess I must've somehow missed that part in that Bible.
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Ugh! I could not agree with you more. Michael has a voice that can be shared with the public. He's got money and power and that adds a lot to the playing field when you're trying to accomplish a goal. OF COURSE he's going to use it to his advantage. Why on earth wouldn't he?? I sure as heck would!

And this guy does lots of good work for others without doing it publicly? Uh, what does he call talking about it on IMDB? Private? No.

Regardless of his faith, which, frankly, is between him and God, he's still doing great things. And, like you said, who cares what his motivation is? He's getting a message across. A very important message.

Oh, I could go on all day, but I think I'm preaching to the choir.
Uh, what does he call talking about it on IMDB? Private? No.

That's a very excellent point. Now, I don't know what Jec's like in his offline interactions - but he sure acts like a total jackass online. Could it possibly be GIFT in action?

You know, when Michael was spending time in hospitals with sick children and their families - which was long befoe he was diagnosed with PD - I'm sure that wasn't very public, as celebs magazines seem to prefer to focus on the seedier aspect of a celeb's life. Granted, he would bring it up in interviews and stuff - but it was never like he was tooting his own horn or something. He was explaining what he does in his spare time.

Also, he's been said to respond to all fan letters - which is very gracious of him. He's always been very appreciative of his fans, unlike certain other celebs who seem to have no qualms of acting like a jerk to their fans.

Preaching to the choir? Maybe so, but sometimes there's nothing more liberating than to vent about obnoxious people to a group of supportive allies.

BTW, I really love your avatar. He just looks so sweet.
Well, I never understood the disdain for public charity work.

And, you can totally steal the avatar. All I did was crop a picture, so you can take it.
Yeah, I don't understand, either. I guess it's because of this attitude that some people have that nice=wimp, so they prefer to think of their favourite celebs as being seedy "bad boy" type of people. That's one reason why I never got on to well with fellow Led Zeppelin fans. Because of books like Hammer of the Gods, many Zepheads tend to glorify the seedy things they hear about the band.

Because Michael J Fox has never had such a negative publicity, and he was always known as being a "nice guy", we don't really have that problem with Michael J Fox fans. So I guess, because Michael is now campaigning for cures for devastating diseases - not just Parkinson's - cynics are so quick to accuse him of having motivations that are not so pure.
maybe his IMDB name is being deleted for insulting other people already!!!

I am be_bad_boy in Frighteners board in IMDB. MJF is a great person, he is not a fake person, he is not faker .... he does not fear of DEATH. if he fears, he would not work in mars attack or frighteners. look his past evidence. he does not fear of dying.
Uhh .... WHATTTT? Is this the most ridiculous thing I have ever read? Probably. That last sentence makes me want to throw things; it's so discriminatory! The person should be banned for comments like that. Ugh. I can't continue coherance, because I'm too mad, but ... yeah. Pretty much what you said. At least some of us know what'd really true.
I should mention that he also kept calling me "Michael Jackson's fat lover", as my handle over there is mjfluver. He made a couple of personal attacks directed towards me beore the rest of that post - but I removed those, as my main focus was to defend Michael's honour.

I know not all Christians act that way - but, sheesh! With people like him having such an arrogant and mean-spirited attitude, it's really no wonder many people are turned off from that faith.

The thing is, I was brought up as a Christian - I don't want to go into detail about my current beliefs, as this isn't the right community for it - but I remember the emphasis being on things like loving your neighbours (and enemies, which can be really hard when they're total dickheads), turning the other cheek, showing compassion on the needy, treating others the same way you wish to be treated, and all those other virtues. A lot of Chrisian Fundies these days don't seem to follow those principles so much.
if he is pretty, handsome, gorgeous, he would not insult people as FAT or NUTTY but show his photos out. he is ugly. no need to care what kind person he is. even if he is handsome with such abnormal and rude manner nobody would want to be his friend!
The person you qouted seems to be very weird...
and he is even a retarded person who speaks shits.
MJF does not fear of death. if he fears death he would not be hung in back to the future 3 and would not take films that needs him to die, like Mars Attack and frighteners