smudge_pot (smudge_pot) wrote in mjf,

23% of respondents chose MJF as Best Celebrity Role Model

"BEST CELEBRITY ROLE MODEL:When asked to pick from a short list of nominees, 29 percent of respondents to the AP-AOL News poll chose Oprah Winfrey as best celebrity role model of the year, more than any other celebrity on the list. Michael J. Fox was chosen by 23 percent, George Clooney by 12 percent , and Angelina Jolie was chosen by 8 percent.Women, 36 percent, especially non-college educated women, 49 percent, were more likely than men, 21 percent, to choose Winfrey. In general, Winfrey was more popular with minorities, 40 percent, than with whites, 24 percent. While Fox was favored by young whites under 45 years old, at 34 percent, older whites favored Winfrey, at 28 percent."
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